Dreams of Being

By Michael J. Seidlinger

A writer walks the entirety of New York City searching for a story, inspiration, anything to give him some direction. While navigating the busier blocks of Times Square, he stumbles upon a restaurant opening and an enigmatic man named Jiro protesting the grand opening. Believing it’s the only way to maintain Jiro’s interest, he claims to be a director, someone interested in developing a project that reveals to the world Jiro’s unseen culinary talent. Eventually, the truth comes out, and he comes face-to-face with what it means to be creative in a passionless world.

185 PAGES | FICTION NOVEL | 5.5" BY 8.5"


“Dreams of Being is a taut journey into the fantasy of perfection. A novel with powerful pulse about a person seeking out a hero, hoping to understand themselves. Michael Seidlinger writes beautifully, with purpose, with skill.”

-Bud Smith

“I never trust people who use a middle initial, but Michael J Seidlinger is different. When I read his writing, I’m on my back, I’m having my behavior corrected: It’s teaching me a lesson. And I can see stars.”

-Scott McClanahan, author of The Sarah Book

“Michael J Seidlinger understands the messy mysterious business of being human, and of also looking to be wanted, needed, and validated.”

-Ron Currie, author of The One-Eyed Man

“Seidlinger continues his quest to become a literary chameleon, diving into new genres and remixing them into something wholly his own. His is a kingdom without borders.”

-Joshua Mohr, author of Sirens

“Dreams of Being is a fever dream, a religious text, a writer’s notebook, a case of mistaken identity, a love letter. Jiro is one of the most fascinating characters you will ever read, and this is Michael Seidlinger at his very best, his sentences full of his particular energy and verve. Start here. Open this book and get lost in Seidlinger’s dream. You will be drawn in by the complexity and wonder of Jiro’s story and the mystery of how to tell it and what it takes to make meaning.”

-Matthew Salesses, author of Disappear Doppelgänger Disappear

“Take one unexpected yet hard-won friendship, mix in sensory delights via the culinary arts, sprinkle in the pathos of (lost and found) aspirations, and you have Michael J Seidlinger's Dreams of Being. In this close narrative, Seidlinger captures the doubt, desperation, and deceit involved in finding purpose. Ultimately, is this "purpose" of our own making, or is it a prescribed notion to become someone manifested by and for others? Dreams of Being captures the relatable fear in being who we are, complexity and all.”

-Jennifer Baker, editor of Everyday People: The Color of Life


Michael J Seidlinger

About the author

MICHAEL J SEIDLINGER is a Filipino American author of My Pet Serial Killer, Dreams of Being, The Fun We’ve Had, and nine other books. He has written for, among others, Buzzfeed, Thrillist, and Publishers Weekly, and has led workshops at Catapult, Kettle Pond Writer’s Conference, and Sarah Lawrence. He is a co-founder and member of the arts collective, The Accomplices, and founder of the indie press, Civil Coping Mechanisms (CCM). He lives in Brooklyn, New York, where he never sleeps and is forever searching for the next best cup of coffee.

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